Hiring & Onboarding Services

Build Your Sales Team Strength with Effective Hiring & Onboarding

Competition is fierce in the senior living industry. If you’re trying to compete only on monthly rates and amenities, you will lose. Lose in the short or long term, or both.

People make decisions on emotion over any other factor, and choosing a senior living community is a very emotional decision. Yes, the logistics must make sense, but once the logistics are in place, emotions take over.

Your biggest differentiator is in the customer experience.

How does your customer feel visiting your community? How is the customer experience better at your community versus the competition? This difference is created by people – your team.

Developing a strong sales and leadership team requires investment, but this is far outweighed by the cost of turnover and mediocre talent. The Grow Your Occupancy Hiring and Onboarding Services* include:

● Interviewing and Screening
● Onboarding Systems
● 30/60/90-Day Benchmarks and Expectations
● Training
● Coaching
● Evaluation Systems
● Recognition for Retention

*Specific services determined based on company needs and goals.