Senior Living Sales Specialists

Virtual Sales Specialist

Grow Your Occupancy is skilled at seeking out the top talent in the senior living industry and placing them in positions where they can be most effective. Our RDSM and Sales Specialist for Hire services can help you fill a short-term gap in your sales team.

"I am THRILLED to report we have 6 move-ins slated for this month. Of the 6, three are leads I assisted with the process. Only one move-out scheduled, so a NET GAIN OF 5!!! Projected EOM occupancy is 91.95%!!!! So far this month I've made __400__ calls and scheduled 6 tours that have happened and I scheduled three tours for the coming week. All leads have been touched within 52-days and the database is back to being “clean”. I am trying not to let touches span longer than 30-45 days for cooler leads, unless otherwise requested."

Looking for similar results? Is your sales director seat empty? Do you need more tours? Does your database need to be cleaned up? Would you like to connect with more of your leads? 

Our Virtual Sales Specialist is a “plug-and-play” service designed to drive company sales.

Kristin Hambleton
Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Presbyterian Senior Living
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"Thank you so much for your amazing discovery you are doing with our prospects! I am always impressed with your emails and recommendations. You are such an amazing asset to the PSL communities you are representing!"

RDSM for Hire

Do you have an open Regional Director of Sales and Marketing position? Is your company’s portfolio growing and in need of qualified regional sales leaders? Are you needing help short-term? Have you recently hired an RDSM and need someone to mentor for 30 days? Our Regional Director for Hire service may be the solution.

RDSM Advanced Training

30- to 90-day mentoring for experienced RDSMs can grow your business to the next level. Training areas may include projecting, budgeting, coaching more advanced skills, external business development, creating advanced training, reporting horizontally or vertically, and team building.

Sales Specialist (On-Site)

An On-Site Sales Specialist is a perfect solution for the senior living community without a sales director, a lease-up needing an extra sales “boost,” a community with a new sales director who needs short-term mentoring or shoulder-to shoulder outreach to improve external business development. Contract with our proven senior living community sales experts and see move-ins grow immediately.