Senior Living Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching

Senior Living CoachingTraining provides the framework, sales coaching helps everything “stick.”

People retain 10-30% of what is taught in training. Senior living sales coaching is critical for implementation, growth and advancement of skills. Coaching is done in a number of formats, but it is the most effective when done one-on-one or a small group.

“Sales coaching has contributed to our overall move-in and occupancy growth. All metrics and conversions are tracked and we see a direct correlation between teams who lean into coaching and increased metrics across the board. If you can make one investment in your occupancy growth, choose sales coaching.”

-Chris Guay, CEO
Vitality Living

Accountability Coaching

Accountability coaching is short or long term coaching that supports the implementation of the sales systems, tools, process. Accountability to sales and outreach activity helps with quarterly plans, event details, follow-up and follow-through. It provides insights, suggestions and practical ways to maximize time management so calls, tours, and outreach are completed.

Sales Skills Coaching

Building a winning, Top 10% Sales Force requires practice, the same as building a winning sports franchise. The professional who practices most (with an experienced coach) closes sales at the highest conversion levels. Telling someone what to do won’t help unless they know how to do it, and how to do it successfully requires practice, strategy, input. A great sales skills coaching session provides this and more.