“Julie first trained with our teams almost 15 years ago. We immediately saw occupancy and revenue growth and have continued putting her sales practices into place through the years. Implementing proven sales systems is a critical component to support our portfolio growth and change.We recently brought Julie and her team back to lead our strategic sales initiatives in a post-COVID landscape. Her tactical strategies are simple to implement, make sense to our teams, and keep us grounded in the every-day whirlwind of running senior living communities. I am also a huge fan of her book. I carry it with me and refer to it often. Everyone on my team has a copy!”

Patrick Dooley, President & Chief Development Officer

Milestone Retirement Communities, LLC

“Julie is a pro at what she does and an excellent resource for marketing ideas and approaches to the senior living industry. Her positive spirit and time-tested ideas can make a big impact on your sales. It is well worth your investment!”

Mark Hamby, Director of Sales

“One Lincoln Park started using (Grow Your Occupancy) coaching services in 2010 when our “magic number” was 50. It is now 6! Julie has been instrumental in helping keep our sales team focused and motivated. Every coaching call makes us feel good about what we have accomplished and leaves us with greater clarity as to what we need to do. She has become very much a part of our team and I’m convinced, is one of the main reasons for our success.”

Ana Johnson, Executive Director, Independent Living

One Lincoln Park

“I have worked with Julie Podewitz for over 5 years. Most recently, Julie has been providing coaching calls to my marketing team for a large independent living senior property. Our coaching calls with Julie have provided that extra push that resulted in record occupancy. We couldn’t be more happy to have finally reached our goals and are pleased to report that we now have an extensive wait list. Julie’s positive approach and attitude is motivating and her methods are tried and true. I am confident that if you are looking for a “coach” to fine tune the sales process, Julie is your go-to person!”

C. Ryan, Regional Director

“During the 6 ½ years Julie worked with me (as Director of Operations and Vice President of Marketing) and our marketing teams, she is the one individual with the greatest impact on our collective success, growing to 95% company-wide census. As a coach and presenter, Julie has a direct but supportive approach and has successfully guided me and others on our teams to be better sales people, managers, and coaches ourselves. She has the ability to capture your attention and keep you engaged. As a coach, she infuses you with the belief you can do it and celebrates when you do!”

Gretchen Vakiener, Regional Vice President

“The training I received from Julie had great impact on my professional growth. Through her coaching, I have been able to develop my skills of active listening, drilling down and closing!”

Elizabeth Bartleman, Regional Director Of Sales

Senior Star

“Julie’s coaching resulted in my career advancement. Not only did I personally grow occupancy to 100% with a waitlist, but then was able to help others advance their occupancy as well. Julie has the ability to help people tap into their strengths. She is intuitive and gets to know the people she works with. I grew both professionally and personally and highly recommend her training and coaching. It’s more than worth your investment.”

Shelli Webster, Senior Living Sales Expert

“Julie Podewitz is the ultimate Sales and Marketing Professional. In the 18 years that I have been in sales, I have never worked with someone with such an innate ability to train others while giving them such a sense of pride in the career that they have chosen. Anyone who has the pleasure to learn from Julie should consider themselves extremely fortunate and soak up every bit of knowledge that she gives to them.”

K. Walker, Senior Living Sales Specialist

“Julie inspired our group of owners, operators, and marketing/salespersons to use her brilliant tips to make the best use of leads and convert them to sales! Packed with wonderful, useful, and practical information that is easy to understand and implement.”

Tara Eckhoff, Executive Director

Retirement Housing Council

“Julie’s presentation resonated with our team members. She provided real-world examples and tools to differentiate themselves from the competition, accelerate the sales cycle and connect with prospective residents.”

Sloan Bentley, Former President

Seniority Inc.

“I have had the privilege of working with Julie Podewitz in various roles. As a mentor, Julie was able to share her sales expertise and coach me on all aspects of relationship selling and effectively leading sales teams. As a supervisor, Julie provided me with the tools, support and leadership that allowed me to do my job to the fullest. Julie is an expert in senior housing sales. She is passionate about ensuring customers are treated right and staff is engaged and excited to do their jobs. I have the upmost respect for Julie and know that whatever she does, she will do it at 110%!”

Peggy Scoggins, Regional Director, Sales Expert, Senior Living Consultant

“Julie has a passion for helping others succeed. She helped me to think in ways I never did before and changed my techniques while staying true to my own style.”

Lindsay Steele, Director Of Admissions And Marketing

Country Meadows Retirement Communities And Past President And Current SVP Of The Joint Not For Profit 501c3 Venture With The Pennsylvania Housing And Finance Association Known As The Ecumenical Retirement Communities

“It is a true honor to have known Julie for several years. I have worked with Julie in several capacities and it is apparent that she is the best! I would consider Julie an absolute expert in the senior-living industry. She’s an extraordinary leader and motivator. Julie has a way of coaching you to exceed your goals not only by believing you can, but also by inspiring you to reach beyond your comfort zone in a positive way.

Julie makes you want to do better than your best. Working with her and having her support, knowledge and motivation means so much when facing all of the different nuances that come into play in senior living and sales. From getting more leads, to lead nurturing, tour planning, closing, and customer service, whatever your need is, Julie can help. I highly recommend her. She is remarkable.”

Pamela Cupp, Senior Living Counselor

StoneBridge At Winton Woods, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Julie was my VP of Sales of my company and I quickly learned the massive amount of knowledge she had. She was amazing to work with for so many reasons. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable and intelligent, she was also extremely uplifting. She had a way of noticing your strengths and even pointing them out to you just in case you weren’t aware of them. She had a way of bringing the best out in you, so you could continue to push through when maybe it was a slow time of year. I truly admire and continue to build my relationship with her because you don’t always run across people that are genuine and true in helping you meet and exceed all your expectations.”

Tiffany R., Senior Sales Specialist

“Julie has an amazing gift that enables her to work with all types of marketing and sales personalities to help them discover their strengths and unique methods to improve their sales results. Julie has had a 100 percent success rate with helping to move multiple sales and marketing directors forward by helping them stay focused, set goals, and achieve a positive direct impact on their individual performance, while increasing community occupancy. Julie is one of the most caring, supportive, and effective executive sales mentor and coaching professionals I’ve met in my over 2 decades of working in retirement living. I consider her an invaluable business partner and a highly respected peer. She is the first person I call when a director has challenges or needs a refresh or new perspective. Most importantly the directors trust and value Julie’s approach and the effective tools she provides them, while being supportive and results driven. Julie is the real deal when it comes to connecting associates to better serve and help residents and families make a major lifestyle change. I’m most grateful to Julie and all her solutions-based ideas that she so willingly and ably shares.”

- Tom Baker, SVP

Country Meadows Retirement Communities And Past President And Current SVP Of The Joint Not For Profit 501c3 Venture With The Pennsylvania Housing And Finance Association Known As The Ecumenical Retirement Communities

“Julie’s decades of deep senior living sales experience coupled with her passion for helping seniors and their families traverse the complex dynamic of where, when and how to move to senior living make her uniquely qualified to assess and fix senior living sales and personnel issues. Her love of teaching and sharing the discipline and her academic and empathetic approach to the process enable her to build teams, innovate, and adapt to a wide array of challenges that are likely to present themselves for any property trying to achieve or remain 100% occupied. Julie’s wisdom and ability to connect and build trust exemplifies leadership in the senior living sales space. She is beloved by residents and associates alike and most importantly, has fun every day doing what she loves.”

Rich Shamberg, Managing Director

Scarp Ridge Capital Partners

“Julie’s training was an excellent restart & refresh for our marketing team.  The straightforward & thought-provoking topics helped all of us think outside of the box with our communication and sales tactics.”

Hannah Hoover, Vice President of Marketing

Pivotal Health Care

“We hired Julie to speak with our sales leaders. Julie is a rockstar and her knowledge of the senior living space and understanding of sales makes her insights actionable and thoughtful. In our first session, Julie provided great feedback that we included in our standard process immediately. Our team keeps asking when we will have her back or if we can just hire her!”

Matt Reiners, Co-founder


“…but it (Julie’s sales playbook) is the BEST I had ever seen! Julie Podewitz truly knows what needs to be done to generate sales and has incorporated these winning systems and processes into her Playbook. That sure makes life easier and more profitable!”

Jack Daly, CEO Coach

Professional Speaker and Celebrated Author

“From my perspective as an owner and investor, the investment in hiring Grow is a great return on capital because not only does the sales team get a proven playbook of success but the owners of the building are able to de-risk the transaction by securing topline revenue stability via consistent sales procedures.”

Blanding Beatty, Chief Investment Officer

Vitality Living

“Julie’s has been a top trainer and mentor for sales professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds. Her ability to mentor and connect with clients is a unique talent not often found. Julie’s coaching style is one of support with the right amount of constructive feedback. She gets results and constantly challenges her clients to the next level. Julie is extremely hands on in her training and breaks down the coaching so it’s manageable to learn and generates immediate results.”

Jennifer Saxman, COO

Bild & Co.

“Julie is a nationally recognized senior living expert who combines strategy, industry knowledge, coaching, and passion to drive big wins for her clients. If you’re ready for amazing growth with proven results, hire her!”

Amy Hollan

Director of Senior Living
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