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An incredibly value-rich workshop that will leave you energized, motivated, and confident to elevate your sales leadership skills, build your business strategy, and maximize your and your sales team’s efficiency.

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Building a winning, Top 10% sales force requires practice, the same as building a winning sports franchise. The professional who practices most (with an experienced coach) closes sales at the highest conversion levels.

Every great sales program starts with training. Training is fundamental to your company’s sales success. It provides the foundation on which the sales strategy is built.

The AI-enabled app that’s revolutionizing senior living sales & marketing. Leverage the power of AI with the skills that personalized sales experience required in senior living.

During this action and content-packed masterclass, participants will: analyze data and activity to identify what areas need to improve, put an action plan in place that includes expectations, and more.

Want improved sales results? Why are you waiting? Virtual and On-Site Sales Specialists provide you with sales superpower.

Turnover is killing our business. Top two reasons people leave are lack of training and not feeling valued. Click below to learn more about this 90-day engagement that is proven to enhance retention and job performance.

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Jill Berry
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Country Meadows Senior Living

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Verified Amazon Review ✅

If you are a Regional in Senior Living, this book is a MUST have! It is very helpful to know how to best lead your team and collaborate with others in the community! This book provides so many tools to assist you!!

Verified Amazon Review ✅

Julie has done an exceptional job of writing more or less a “handbook” for Senior Living Sales professionals.

Verified Amazon Review ✅

Clear thoughts. Great graphs. Precise wording. Helpful and memorable bullet points. Not a book to read and forget. Keep it handy!!